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    TS3 Icon / Avatar UL Problem


    I have a problem with users (SA) that they suddenly cannot upload avatars and icons.
    They get this : Transfer "icon_3933688044" reports: (could not open file transfer connection)

    What I have checked :

    On the server from netstat -a :
    tcp 0 0 SuperWebServer6.l:30033 *:* LISTEN

    On my router :
    port 30033 is open and forwarding to the server

    From permissions for server admins :
    Value Grant
    i_group_modify_power 75 75
    i_group_needed_modify_power 75 75
    i_max_icon_filsesize 8192 75

    I have searched on google and checked solutions that I could find.
    All suggestions are welcome

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    I have tried this :
    Simply remove the value for filetransfer_ip, restart your TS3 server and you should be fine.
    but this resulted in :
    2012-06-10 19:49:56.890148|INFO |ServerLibPriv | | TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.0.5 (2012-04-23 04:46:12)
    2012-06-10 19:49:56.892615|INFO |DatabaseQuery | | dbPlugin name: MySQL plugin, (c)TeamSpeak Systems Gm
    2012-06-10 19:49:56.892768|INFO |DatabaseQuery | | dbPlugin version: 1
    2012-06-10 19:49:57.411099|CRITICAL|FileManager | | converting bind() IP failed
    The server IP is and located behind a router.
    I have tried using WAN IP for filetransfer_ip resulting in same as above.

    Still could use some help

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    have you tried as the filetransfer_ip?

    for Icon Upload b_icon_manage Permission is required.

    Also make sure no Firewall is blocking the connection (Windows Firewall for example or any other firewall that may be present)

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    I have tried with as the filetransfer_ip with same result.

    b_icon_manage is permitted and with grant = 75 - so that should be ok.

    Server is running Debian Lenny and tested that the firewall is not blocking. Test 1 : firewall switched off, Test 2 : and ports should as being open.

    Edit : Note that it has been working until about a week ago.
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