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    Question How do I view Ban List logs?

    How do I view the logs of bans created by the Ban List? Inside of my server's logs folder, none of the files record bans added to the ban list. They record anti-spam and right-click bans:

    reason 'invokerid=0 invokername=Server reasonmsg=Anti-Spam measure, you will be able to reconnect in 00:01:22 bantime=300'
    reason 'invokerid=3 invokername=PatPeter invokeruid=UID reasonmsg=Trolling. bantime=3600'

    But they do not record bans added via the ban list. I've banned two users in the past three days and can find no record of them in my logs.

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    No one ever checks logs for bans?

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    It's included in your server log, when client logging is enabled.
    06.07.2012 09:31:52	VirtualServer	Info	ban added reason='This is my reason.' ip='' name='Tester' cluid='IDHERE' bantime=86400 by client '"Ӽ"'(id:3)
    06.07.2012 09:32:20	VirtualServer	Info	ban deleted reason='This is my reason.' ip='' name='Tester' cluid='IDHERE' bantime=86400 by client '"Ӽ"'(id:3)
    The name of such a file could be ts3server_1.log or ts3server_2012-07-06__06_15_07.945993_1. This depends on your server id and when the virtual server was started.

    This is not inluded in server log for server with id 0.
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    grep "ban added" logs/*
    # or
    grep "ban added" logs/* > bans.log
    will show you a list of all bans (or write them into bans.log) recorded in all files in logs/

    I modified my startscript to move old logs into another directory before every start. I then have only logs of the current running instance in logs/

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