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    Question DatabaseID of Client and Channel are gone

    I miss the Database ID of a Client & the Channel ID at the right TeamSpeak Frame where the informations are given.
    Any way to get it back? I dont like to check it over Channel Permissions!

    Thanks for reply's

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    Use Forum Search.

    That Information was removed with Client 3.0.6 since it is of little to no use to the general User. Even Admins rarely ever need those Numbers.

    In any case you can get it back by simply editing the Template yourself or using This Addon

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    Channel ID

    can somebody tell me how i can find out the Channel id ?`


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    Quote Originally Posted by DercLx View Post
    can somebody tell me how i can find out the Channel id ?`
    Those thread are about the issue:

    And here is the add-on:

    Note: If you are allowed and with the option 'advanced permissions system' activated, the the channel ID is also available in Permissions --> Channel Permissions
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