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    Unhappy Editing permisions: help ;(

    Sooo once again im in panic - editing some permissions leads to total disaster.

    im using pretty simple server groups ( admin, normal, guest )
    Admin is admin
    normal has some move / kick / join powers
    guest has no powers

    Using simple channel groups ( channel admin, operator, voice, guest and access )
    Channel admin has max move and join powers ( marked options from Administrate Clients (move, kick, ban) :
    move: server admin - cant move even normal, move works only on guest server group
    kick from channel: normal - can kick guest only
    kick from server: normal - can kick guest only
    ban : guest - did not test it yet : )

    operator has join power 60 - cant join channels with join 50
    same with voice, access

    i don't know whats wrong, it worked pretty well before, but guess after small change everything bugged

    Is there anyone who could come to my server and help my with those permissions ? i reinstalled server few times already :/

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    January 2010
    Operator is a channelgroup and can only join a channel where that client has operator. Anyway got a decent Idea of what went wrong, feel free to PM me the stuff and I'll take a quick look at it soon...

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    I could come to your server, and help you with your permessions. Send me a PM or visit my teamspeak

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