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    channel_icon_id problem (out of range)

    If i set icon 2682757409, server reports me channel_icon_id=-1612209887, but works correctly. Is it my problem or a bug? If not a bug, how correctly convert reported negative icon_id to icon_id i was asking to set (positive) to check if they are equal

    I think it is int datatype range problem (signed int_4 \ unsigned int_4) which is limited to 2147483647, but when client uploads icon, it gives it name in unsigned int_4, and when I set channel_icon_id, I have to use unsigned int_4 icon_id, but when i ask for channel info, i receive signed int_4 value, so, I think, it is a bug.

    3.0.5 amd64

    login *** ***
    use sid=1
    channeledit cid=36 channel_icon_id=2682757409
    channelinfo cid=36
    error id=0 msg=ok  (17 ms)
    error id=0 msg=ok  (2 ms)
    error id=0 msg=ok  (13 ms)
    pid=34 channel_name=WG\sAlly\sattacks channel_topic=WG_STATUS <....> channel_icon_id=-1612209887
    error id=0 msg=ok  (42 ms)
    Total: 74 ms
    Simply, I have a PHP script that sheduled in a cron and changes channel names and icons depending on current WOW Tol-barad and Wintergrasp locations statuses.
    For this problem I get current icon Id with this function:
    Maybe there is a more right way? ^-)
    //Tested only on amd64 pratform!
    //PHP 5.3
    //      $s_icon_id = uint_cor($chan['channel_icon_id']);
    // string uint_cor(string)
    function uint_cor($s_int)
    $i = floatval($s_int);
    if ($i < 0) return (string)bindec(substr(decbin($i),-32));
    else return $s_int;
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    This no bug, that need to be fixed, it's a normal behavior.
    The Icons ID is genrated with a CRC32 check and result is a 32Bit unsigned value (0 up to 4.294.967.295) , but the server does use 32Bit signed(−2.147.483.648 up to 2.147.483.647).

    The negative value appears, when the generated Icon ID is 2.147.483.648 or higher.
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