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    Cant edit channel permissions

    Alright, so I have a user in my server. He's set to the "Admin" group, which allows a i_channel_permission_modify_power of 50. However, I wanted to discreetly give him more powers so he could handle things while I'm gone. The issue, is that when editing his client permissions (So noone could tell he could do certain things), I set i_channel_permission_modify_power to 75, along with most other channel perms. However, it still gives "insufficient permission modify power" when he tries to edit a channels permissions. He can see them and do everything else fine though. I've tried setting the perm to skip, adding grant, etc, but it won't work. Anything I'm doing wrong? As a reminder, I'm trying to set his client perms to this.

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    The client or the group also does need the i_permission_modify_power and the Grant value behind each channel permission, if you really plan to make them editable for groups.

    i_channel_permission_modify_power only sets the value, who can edit a permission in a channel and who can not.
    The rest is still in i_permission_modify_power
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    I have the same problem that conco so i try your solution but it's doesn't work ;/
    I've put the i_permission_modify_power and the i_channel_permission_modify_power to 75 and put all Grant channel permission to 75 but it's walways impossible for my members of the channel groups to edit the channel's permissions.

    Can you help me please ?

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    It depends on what you want, just blindly giving permissions or setting them to random values is never a good idea though.
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    My goal is to authorized a channel group to modify the value "join power" of a channel.

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    Then your channel group need (i. e.):
    i_permission_modify_power = 25
    i_channel_permission_modify_power = 25
    b_virtualserver_channel_permission_list = checked
    i_channel_needed_join_power = 25 (as GRANT)
    Not sure, if the first one is needed for channels. Chris or Dante can answer tihs better
    The channel in question should have "i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power" of <= 25.

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    It's workd perfectly thank you !!

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    Channel Group Permission

    Hi, i have one question... Why i can create sub channel with my custom channel group but why i can't edit permissions.

    Thank you for any help!

    SOLVED, only thing i forgot :P, change default channel admin group!

    Here is my permission file:
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