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    Include UTC Timestamp in Chatlog

    Currently when you open a Chat in the Client and you configured it to reload the last x Lines of the Log, there is no telling when the displayed Lines took place, which can be irritating.

    I'd be nice if you could include the UTC Timestamp of the Message into the Logfile. It should of course not be displayed and you could still just display the Time, but if the User wants to he could choose to display the Date along with the time avoiding confusion.

    Sometimes there is a line that says Log started <Date> but that is neither always the case nor helpful on larger Logs.
    By including the Timestamp in the Source (id attribute for instance) it would be without doubt when a message was received.

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    It should be printed to chat every time a client switches servers or switches channels as per my suggestion.

    Are you saying that the logs should be changed to be more like Minecraft? i.e.

    <2012-07-12 00:32:06> "PatPeter": Hi everyone!
    <2012-07-12 00:32:08> "Foobar": Hi Pat!
    I think it would take up too much space.

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    Nah, my Suggestion is to include UTC Timestamps in the logfile (if logging is enabled), without being displayed, so Tools (such as my Chatlog Viewer or the TS3 Client itself) could then parse those and display the Date and Time instead of a meaningless Time, or just display a new Line saying "Log from July 12th, 2012" when the Day changes...
    Much more versatile then just hardcoding such a line into the Client, plus the line that is present in Private Chat (and Channel Chat too? not sure) doesn't work properly and is sometimes displayed / added and sometimes not.
    Having the specific Time for each and every message leaves no doubt and having that info hidden for the general user doesn't clutter anything and the client (and other tools) could either display the time and date in a user specified format or just ignore the extra info.

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    Hi there from 2018, and here still no way to configure displayed timestamp for chat messages - still see just time, no way to add date, or, at least, notification lines between passed days. Yep, there exists people who try to keep very long log history and keep TS3 online for lot of days without logging off, and sometimes that people don't even know how chat looks in f****ng minecraft, but if it looks like above - oops... it's a little better than currently we have in TS3 client.

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