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    Solved Voice Test ignores "Use VAD while PTT" Flag.

    Client: Latest Beta 3.0.7 (14.06 17:03)
    When using Push To Talk and with the VAD while using PTT Checkbox in Advanced Options checked, using the Begin Test Button ignores the VAD Option and the Bulb lights up as soon as you press the PTT Key.
    It should use VAD as it would while normally talking on servers and only enable the blue bulb if VAD actually detects something above the Threshold while pressing the PTT Key.

    tl;dr: Capture Test should behave exactly as the Client would on a server.

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    Good catch. I agree with the suggested behaviour.
    I guess it's fine to fix this for 3.0.8, release 3.0.7 is pretty much ready and scheduled for critical fixes only. I wouldn't consider this a critical bug now.

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    I added a ticket for this problem into our bugtracker.

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    This whole behavior will be fixed with client 3.0.8.

    We fixed 2 additonal bugs, where PTT-Delay was not changed during test mode and the delay did deactivate the lamp, when it was hammered into the keyboard
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