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    Solved Not updated the beta channel

    Hello everyone, I will be brief, tried to update your client to the beta channel, reaches 100%, and writes an error, here's picture:

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    update.ini (Before the renovation)
    Once when I try to update, and he wrote me a mistake, I went in and saw update.ini is something else:

    update.ini (after upgrade)
    OS: Windows 7 Maximum
    TS Client: 3.0.6

    What I'm trying to do?

    1. Completely cleaned the registry.
    2. I corrected all the errors issued.
    3. C removed and installed it again
    4. TS installed on another drive
    5. Renamed name of the TS folder.
    6. Delete everything that is connected with TS.
    7. All.

    Bottom line: nothing does not help.

    Tried to disable firewalls and antivirus programs - just nothing to no avail.

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    Some of the Files it tries to update are probably still in use (ie. running) or cannot be written to (ie. ReadOnly, Permissions preventing writing to the folder / file) and thus cannot be replaced.
    Make sure you got Write Access to the TS3 Folder (or run the updater as Admin).

    Also try a reboot and make sure nothing of ts3 is setup to be run automatically on Startup, then run the update.exe manually as administrator.

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    did everything as described - did not help!

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    The username looks like it is written with cyrillic letters. Maybe the updater can not unzip in such paths?
    Or the files in your program folder can not get unzipped.

    Can you unzip files on your system at all?

    Btw - i deleted your second post with the same problem in our beta thread.
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    The problem is solved, because the location incorrectly n ... written as dante696

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