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    Solved TS3 Server Crash (Suse Linux) (Space Bug?)

    Server Typ : Suse Linux
    Server Software: TS3 Server Linux 3.0.3

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    [English - Google translation]
    I own 7 Virtual Server, and also formed the corresponding traffic. Unfortunately some users have overdone it with the upload of files in the channel. That brought the server to crash.
    1) try: server restart. The server remained stable for about 5 minutes, and then again chashte.
    2) test: When attempting to start the server using Putty again, I got the following error message:
    Not enough space ....

    The exact message I do not know anymore. In the logs, unfortunately, no information can be found at the crash. Starting the server was not possible.
    Only after I had deleted some files from the folders to the virtual server, I was able to start the server again and again, he remained stable.
    What I would hope because of that would be a memory limit for each virtual server. This kind of thing happens not only can.
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    In any case the Server crashed because the Harddisk of your Server was full, and the TS3 Server couldn't write to the Database anymore or couldn't create a File that was requested to be uploaded.

    As for your Request: Diskspace Limitation was requested multiple times before but was rejected and won't be implemented. All you can do is limit the amount of Traffic Users can cause each month, which at least gives you some sort of control and won't allow the harddisk to be filled that quickly.
    Or you can create your own little Shellscript that will run once a day / week via cronjob and check the size of the files directory and delete the oldest files if it is above a certain threshold.

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    I guess SilentStorm is right, the database needs also space, to run on your server. It grows with every entry.
    If there is no space, the server does crash.

    Please delete some file from your server and show us some log content, if this happens again.

    BTW: Your server is outdated! Please update your Teamspeak server to version 3.0.5
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