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    Move Teamspeak-Server to another machine?

    Hey Guys,

    we've got a new Root-server and I'm not shure if it's possible so I better ask before I try this:

    Is it possible to move the complete Teamspeak3-Folder to the new machine and start it there again with the same rights, permissions and so on? Or is it necessary to install it again?

    Thanks and best regards

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    Yes it can be moved, if Linux to Linux may need to run chown to fix permissions to the files. Also if going from amd64 system to x86 will need to extract x86 server version into the folder to start it.

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    Adding to Screech:
    You have to make sure to shutdown the TS3 Server on the old Machine first before moving the entire folder to the new machine. Also on the new machine you might have to wait up to 3 hours for the Server to actually start through. Once running on the new Machine you shouldn't start the ts3 server on the old one anymore.
    Also if moving from Windows to Linux you will (most likely) have to fix some Paths in the Database since Linux doesn't understand Windows Directory Seperators. Other way around is no Problem since Windows is smart enough to recognize both Directory Seperators.

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    Thank you for the quick and detailed answers, so we move the Teamspeak from a Linux 64Bit to a Linux 64Bit. So wie only need to stop the Server before moving and wait for 3 hours. Thanks, problem solved, Thread can be marked as solved also .

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