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    Plugins not working

    Ever since I updated my teamspeak to the latest version many of my plugins no longer work. I have tried to reinstall some to update them and they say they are enabled though I am unable to open them like I used to. For example I had a soundboard so I got a new one and I can't open the box that is used to make the soundboard make the sounds. Also I downloaded Task Force Radio for Arma 3 and it say's it is enabled though it doesn't say that it is because it doesn't show that I have it above my avatar like it should.

    The image below shows my task bar I guess you would call it showing there is no plugins button like there used to be. My plugins are located under tools and options though I can only enable disable and reload. I have tried all of those and nothing I have also tried to turn my teamspeak off and on and also have restarted my pc.
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    In my TeamSpeak, the plugin tab does not appear.
    Can anybody help me??
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