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    Linux DEB installation file.

    Hello. I'm using Ubuntu, and I am one of those people who prefer to have all my installed software listed in one place.
    It's more convenient, and looks more professional and clean. Not to mention easier for people to remove or reinstall the software.
    So I made a .deb for you in case you want to add it to your site:
    However it's for amd64 (only), not 32bit.
    I've of course linked up all dependencies, so that they'll automatically be installed. And I've of course added menu launcher with description and all that fun stuff.

    If you guys want, I can of course build one for 32bit as well.
    The reason why I built it was for personal use, cuz that's how (at least) I prefer it. So why not share it with the community?

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    the best way to make a .deb file available is actually by getting it incorporated into one of the "main" repositories, so that way people can just do apt-get update, apt-get install ts3client or similar.

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    Wouldn't be possible unless teamspeak puts it out on launchpad themself, or add it to the ubuntu software center or something of that nature.
    Because teamspeak isn't open source, and the repos that comes with ubuntu, mint and so on are.

    My idea was that they can add it to their downloads page. Now they only have this .sh script which (in my opinion) is just not that practical -as I explained above-.

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    i totaly aggre with this, i would make it available on both the ubuntu store and make a .deb file to download.

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    Or teamspeak have it's own repo.

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    It would be awesome for TS3 server. (i've never tried linux ts3 client)
    But TS3 server put all his files in the same path and doesn't use "Standard" path like
    - configuration files (/etc/ts3server/)
    - logs (/var/log/ts3server/)
    - data files (/usr/share/ts3server/)
    - PID file (/run/

    there is an ini file to configure most of these options but last time i tried some paths couldn't be customized.
    At least make it search at first for the ini file and key file within a folder like /etc/ts3server/ts3server.ini or /etc/ts3server/config.ini then in the folder of the binary file

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter View Post
    getting it incorporated into one of the "main" repositories
    Definitely agree with getting it into repositories.
    Would be more like non-free though, since TS isn't open-source. Which implies TS to do the integration process themselves due to copyright if I'm not mistaken.

    Still, would love to see it in contrib/non-free repos.

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    And the repository add a user for the client/server

    Or teamspeak build a own repository for this maybe

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    This topic was rejected. We will not build packages and put them into all different linux distrubutions.
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