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    Solved I want to choose my flag

    Hey TS Boffins

    I was wondering whether anyone brought up idea of making UK's individual flags as i feel that everyone should have a choice of what flag they use by nationality or by country they reside??

    I am a pure blooded Scotsman and i would like to say i find the Union Jack flag too general and think it would be great if TS boffins would fix it so my fellow guys and girls from UK had their own Symbol of where they're based.

    Scotland: St Andrew's Saltire
    N. Ireland: Ulster Flag
    Eire: Irish Traditional flag
    Wales: Welsh Red Dragon
    England: St George's Cross

    I am hoping this may be looked at due date. Also make it possible to Select these flags by choice aswell please

    Thanks in advance


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    This is not possible and it is not planned to change that. The flags will be used from the database we use. And the provider of that database does use your internet provider to deciede , where you are from.

    This has been rejected before.
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    flag country

    I have team speak 3 (Client 64-bit 3.0.7)
    With ts3 I can not change my flag country.
    When I join a channel (in ts3) is always displayed the flag with my current location (I'm on vacation in another country). You guys can help me change this flag (location)?, To talk with people, to pretend to be in USA.

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    Not possible, Flag is based on your IP Address and cannot be changed.
    Next time use the search Function first.. been asked like 500 times.

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    How to change defualt country flag in TS3

    i think i was misunderstood in my earlier thread..
    i wanted to know how to change the flag thats being displayed.. because i live in a country that im not from and i would like to let ppl know MY nationality not where i live.
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