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    Multiple videocall

    Like Title says it will be nice i know that the primary use for ts3 is gaming, but it will be nice for the other use like business , social & familiar.

    Maybe a plugin that support google plus will make it a litle "light"

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    You wouldn't look quite so silly if you would search the forms before posting.

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    last post was "closed" i just wanted to expose my idea "about the google plus plugin" (if possible) .
    Anyway thank you for your observation.

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    What does G+ have to do with TS3?

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    if possible to make a plugin that stream google plus videoconference system on ts3, or just to add support for webcam on ts3. But i read on other post that it will be really hard for hosters becuase bandwitch, maybe if you use the powerfull infrastructure that have other comunication providers like google will be more "light".

    Is just an idea i'm not a programmer or lawyer so i don't know if is technically and legally possible .

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