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    Exclamation Server message every hour.

    Dear forum,

    Regarding my server i would like to have a message send to all users ever hour. I believe this is possible
    through the use of ServerQuery, however i don't have any experience in using this.

    So my question in short, does anyone know how to setup a message send every hour to all users?

    Thank you for your time and effort.

    Best regards,
    Mark van Batenburg

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    I would use the and set up a small php script:
    PHP Code:
    "Place your message here...";
    try {
    $instance TeamSpeak3::factory("serverquery://serveradmin:[email protected]:10011/");
    } catch (
    Exception $e) {
    fprintf(STDERR"Error " $e->getCode() . ": " $e->getMessage() . "\n");
    If you then want to run the script hourly you need to set up a cronjob:
    crontab -e
    Edit: If you really use the serveradmin login with the script, make sure to set the script chmod 700
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    You can use the message function of the JTS3ServerMod.
    To download it :

    If you have some question for how to configure it, tell me.

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