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    Solved Wrong output

    Hello everyone, I don't know how to print a variable to the current tab Is it even possible?

    I use the ts3Functions.printMessageToCurrentTab(); function and when I try to pass the variable to it like this: ts3Functions.printMessageToCurrentTab(myVar); I get an error "a value of type "char" cannot be used to initialize an entity of type "const char *"", and when I pass the pointer to it I get this output "��������������������Ĵ"
    I know that I need to dereference the pointer but I can't do it because the function won't let me.

    I would also like to know how to create a new tab.

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    void ts3plugin_init() {
        char aPath[PATH_BUFSIZE];
        ts3Functions.getAppPath(aPath, PATH_BUFSIZE);
        char myText[1024];
        snprintf(myText, 1024, "TeamSpeak 3 is installed in %s\n", aPath);
    works flawlessly.

    As for creating a new Tab take a look at ts3Functions.guiConnect

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    Thanks this works perfectly . But I can't find anything about the "ts3Functions.guiConnect" function I looked in the test plugin source code, docs and didn't found anything about this. Could you provide me with a sample code for this?

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