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    Lightbulb Server should load server.ini by default

    Most, if not all, Linux boxes server services is a pre-defined configuration file whose existence is checked automatically at startup services. Typically, these files are located in the / etc /. I understand that TS3 will be service operating independently, but that does not change the fact that the existence of ts3server.ini file should be checked automatically.
    Finally ts3server.ini is the main configuration file.
    Both me and a friend who uses Linux has made the issue to conclude that this file should be entered as a parameter to the command line.
    For us it is absurd and departing from the norms of Linux.
    So please do the following amendments to the version of Linux servers were added to check the existence ts3server.ini file without having to append to the command line "inifile ="

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    While it would be nice for team speak to conform to the common practices of Linux software, I have my doubts that it will occur.

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    Not really a Bug but more of a suggestion....
    TS3 runs on more platforms than just linux anyway, it doesn't conform to any standards though neither Windows nor Linux apparently...

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