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    Exclamation Problem with Server Query Login!

    Hello everyone,

    I have a problem with my ServerQuery-Login. I use the tool "YaTQA" - there was no problem. But after a little changes (I cant say which one) in the group rights, there is the following messege when I try to connect via YaTQA:
    "insufficient client permissions" (2568) ..

    But I think that it isnt cause of my changes in the group rights, cause I try to login as Superadmin (with the Serveradmin Password from installation of the server).

    And I also try to connect to the server as Superadmin via PuTTy, but there is the same mistake-messege.

    I hope you can help me soon!

    Thank you for reading.

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    How are we supposed to help you without you telling us the whole error message or even whatever changes you made that might've caused this issue...
    I highly doubt any changes in permissions or Server config can be considered secret so they cannot be told... in any case it is obviously your choice if you consider them secret and cannot tell us. In that case though you can't complain if you don't receive any help.

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    If you have edited the server query admin group you're going to have to delete your database and start over. DO NOT CHANGE THE SERVER QUERY ADMIN GROUP!

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    Could it be, that he really does use the loginname Superadmin ?
    I guess not, but the word was used twice.

    In that case try the loginname "serveradmin"
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