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    Not enough power "insufficient permission modify power"

    I really hate why I can't add "granted permission" higher then 75. it tells me the following "insufficient permission modify power" , its because my group edit permission is set to 75 and granted to 75.

    So i dediced to lower the numbers for "Server admin" because my group is "server operator" . So i wanted to set "server admin" at 70. But when doing this its a major bug which won't allow me to edit group which has the group edit permission to 70. Why wont it even allow "server admin group" to edit new created groups or the current once WHEN the granted group modify power is set to 70 ????????????

    Server admin has "permission modify power 70" , and the rest groups has "Group modify power 70" . Also i notice when creating new groups they become automatlic to "group modify power 75" , anyone to change this?

    problemly this wont solve. So isn't there any tutorial how to increase grant access to 80? then this would solve.

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    If you are self hosted please read the documentation for the solution to this issue. If you pay for hosting, the simplest solution will be to contact your host to have them fix your server admin group.

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    If you are on a hosted server, I am 100% sure they will not give you higher than 75 because things that go above 75 to into other areas that can effect more than just your server. As someone once pointed out to me you don't need more than 75 because its all just a hierarchy of numbers, higher than lower is all that counts. I just wanted a lazy way like I had on the server I was running on my PC where I just had the normal admin server group, then a copy of it with 100 for every type of power. But what I do instead now, is to copy the server group admin, remove all grant permissions, set everything from 75 to 70, then do a second pass where things like need values for certain things go back up to 75 (eg so those admin's cannot assign other people as admin) and then I untick / remove permissions that I don't want in there. Takes time, but with having to re-setup my server about 4 times now due to problems with our previous host, I have it down to an art now.

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    Being able to add a grant power higher than your own grant value for any given permission would be a major security breach and nullify the entire system.

    I got my Server Admins setup to 70 on everything I want them to have, and they can create and edit any Group that has an i_group_needed_modify_power of 70 or below just fine.
    If you can't then there is something wrong with your Permission setup.

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