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    automatically typing the letter d

    Hey there. I had teamspeak installed previously and worked fine. Never did any installs changes. All of a sudden it starts typing dddddddddddddd. so when ever i try to connect to server it types dddddd in the server section. restarted, tried re-installing and the same thing happens in the install section where you put your destination folder. This still occcurs when keyboard is UNPLUGGED. I have been searching on the net for AGES to find the problem. so now i can't even install the thing ... please help.

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    Are you sure, that you key does not hang in every software?

    Can you try this on client 3.0.7? > Please open Settings > Options > Hotkeys > Now select anotehr hotkey system
    You can choose between Direct Input, Default, Keyboard & Mouse only
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    hey thanks for your time but no that wouldn't have worked. i couldn't install the program after deleting it. i think i have however solved the issue. i believe it is my joystick with binded keys causing the issue. not sure why only on TS though. Cheers anyway

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