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Thread: channelwatcher

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    Also you need TeamSpeak3-Query access. The user of the Query needs at least the following query-permissions:

    b_virtualserver_select (use)
    b_serverquery_login (login)
    b_virtualserver_client_list (clientlist)
    b_virtualserver_channel_list (channellist)
    b_channel_delete_permanent (channeldelete)
    b_channel_delete_semi_permanent (channeldelete)
    b_channel_delete_temporary (channeldelete)
    b_channel_delete_flag_force (channeldelete)

    what does this part means exectly? could somebody explain me in simply words? I'm holding ts3 server on windows7 all of my files are in one folder. So to launch channelwatcher do i need to do some exptra stepts releated with this "query access" part?

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    Simple solution: use your serveradmin account.
    Of course, you could also create an extra serverquery login and provide the neccessary permissions.

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    And ask in the appropriate Thread about the Tool you are talking about, where you'd be more likely to receive an answer.
    It's just a documentation telling you what you need just in case it doesn't work for you you'd have a place to look for errors.

    As maxi already said just use the serveradmin account and don't worry...

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