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    TS3 Audio Issue While Running in Background

    Whenever I am playing a game (ArmA 2) while having TS3 placed in the background none of my friends can hear me when I speak. But, When I close the game or minimize it they hear me perfectly. Currently I am using a PTT feature while my hotkey is Mouse Button 5 on my Logitech G500 mouse. I've tried several different hotkeys to avoid having issues with in-game keybinds. Please help, I am tired of minimizing my game to just have a simple conversation with a friend.

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    Choose a different Hotkey Method in Settings Options Hotkeys -> dropdown above the apply button.

    If none of them work try running ts3 as admin or use Voice activation.

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    Certain mouse drivers also remap mouse binds based on the program or task in the foreground, make sure your mouse drivers are not doing this. To test, set your PTT key to a keyboard button. If that works, just have your mouse emulate that keyboard button.

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