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    Question How to restric channel creation to specific usergroups and channels?

    Hey there,

    I'd like to setup my Server so special usergroups can create subchannels (temporary) in a protected channel, but nowhere else. For example:

    "User 1" has Talk Power, Channel Modify Power and Channel Join Power of 65. He can join the password protected Channel "Protection 1" that requires Power 65 to enter and talk.

    "User" 1 now should be able to create a sub-channel in "Protection 1", but NOT in channel "Protection 2" that requires a pwoer of 75.

    If I enable the creation of subchannels via servergroups, it works global on the server, even in protected channels the user wouldn't be able to enter. How can I restrict the creation of subchannels to certain channels only that user can access?

    Thanks and regards



    Edit: Nevermind, I fixed the problem by disabling channelc reation for all server groups. Then I enabled it for the public channels. To get the restricted channels working I enabled it for the special channelg roups and assigned the respective groups to the people that should have it. Works.
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