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    start_server: unable to open database after trying to start alternative way.

    Teamspeak 2 installed on my debian machine. (yes,2, not yet 3)
    starting with script works as a sharm.
    how ever, i am not willing to login ssh each time for maint or what ever.
    so i made a html based start system.
    works perfect on my other services (shoutcast, and some games)
    but when itry start TS2, i got a error starting deamon, aborted.
    and in TS log, i see got this
    -------------- log started at 11-07-12 17:36 -------------
    11-07-12 17:36:41,ALL,Info,server, Server init initialized
    11-07-12 17:36:41,ALL,Info,server, Server version: Linux
    11-07-12 17:36:41,ERROR,All,SQL, ExcecSQL Error: unable to open database file in query: PRAGMA default_syn$
    11-07-12 17:36:41,ERROR,All,SERVER, Start_Server: unable to open database
    --------------- log ended at 11-07-12 17:36 --------------

    i tried several stuff, but zip.
    the fun thing was, when i rented a *nix machine, same script used, and it worked there.
    so, where to look, www right, or ts rights ?

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    Please check the permissions of the sql file.
    I can't help here, i used google to get such an answer for another tool.
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