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Thread: No cache tags

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    Solved No cache tags

    Is it possible to have to have [nocache] like [url],[img],... tags? I have a description that shows images that keep changing but they are cached.

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    images need to be cached (need to be on your local Harddrive) in order to be displayed inside the Client. The only thing that might be possible is to disregard the cache of images marked like that whenever you reconnect to a server.

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    yep. that or some kind of time-based cache. Like refreshing every X seconds (like host banner gfx interval)
    Since those images I have refresh every 10mins, wouldn't be a bandwidth problem for users. They are small sized anyway(10-30KB).

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    Please use a script , that does change the description and the filename.
    This wil lalso change the image, but sends channel was edited.

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    Ok. It actually changed the full description every 10minutes. Making a script to do it shouldn't be hard.

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