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    How do I use custom Icons

    Hello all,

    I decided to put my custom icons in the icons folder under

    server/files/internal/icons folder, because for the life of me I cannot get them to upload even after checking every permission associated with them, setting the file size to like 10000, and etc. still cant do it.

    so oh well, i remoted into my machine that the server is hosting on and put the custom icons in that folder, so NOW, here is my pickle. How do I access them from inside the client and be able to select them. Because as it is now it still shows the default 5 icons in the picker and Icon Pack is default.

    how do I use the custom icons when they are stored locally with the server?


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    They have to be in the correct Folder (files/virtualserver_X/internal/icons), properly named (icon_<Number>) and you might also have to restart the Server.

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