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    Raising Talking Power/other Powers on a Mac

    Hey all,
    I'm a Mac User, and I'm trying to raise individual user's Talk Power/Other powers, so that I can customize the permissions in different channels.

    Can anybody help me by telling me where to go to increase talk power?

    Also, where can I find the commands that people are using so much, like "b_create_channel_temporary" stuff? What do they do? Is this a PC only thing?

    Help appreciated. ^_^

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    those are the actual names of the permissions, the one you mentioned (obviously) controls whether a user can create temporary channels or not.

    As all Permissions talk Power can be set in the Permission Dialog in the Client (Permissions -> Server Groups). In order to get to see the actual names and more advanced Parts of the System you need to activate the advanced permission system in the Options (Settings -> Options -> Application).

    There are no differences between MacOS and Windows / Linux, at least not in the Permission System and the way it works.

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