My teamspeak 3 is getting severe lag spikes and I can't seem to track it down. I have eliminated connection issue's as my laptop works fine, and it's not my server as other people don't get the spike.

Running TS3 3.0.7 (Qt Version 4.7.2)

OS is windows vista, i7-920 proc @2.66ghz and 12 gigs of ram...cross-fire Radeon HD 5770. Realtek Hi-def audio card.

Not sure what other info you may need.

It used to not do this, as it worked fine in the past. But a few updates ago it seemed to pick up this kink

Method that it occurs:
1) Idle ~ 125ms +/- 3
2) talk a bit (especially longer lines) ~2464 +/- 3090
3) Allow 30 seconds, returns to Idle times

Any thoughts? If you need more info just lemme know.