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    Multiple Ports point to one server

    Hey folk,

    just a quick question.

    Is it possible to link multiple ports to one server?

    1. Port 9977
    2. Port 9987 (connects to 9977)

    I hope you know what I mean.

    Server: Lates stable Version
    OS: Debian 6 64 bit / stable release

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    No way internal to the client or server, but if you are wanting all request to go to one address:port regardless of the requested port the TSDNS server can do that.

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    Your router can send users to another port.
    It is called port forwrding and sends user, who connects to 9987, to port 9877 as an example. I never tested that with teamspeak.
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    Well I dont have access to a router because that Server is hosted in a datacentre.

    I'll look into TSDNS.

    Thanks for all answers.

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