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    Friend's cannot connect to my ts :(

    I did everything but still my friend's can't connect to my server.I myself tried my external ip but it didn't worked.I had fixed the right ports and also the right ip.But still i myself cannot connect with my external ip leaving my internal ip and localhost.Guys plz help me

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    You yourself can almost never connect to your Public IP as most Routers do not support sending packets to the internet which would come back right away since the router itself is the target. As such you will always need to use your local ip as long as you are in the same network as the server.

    If others cannot there is some Firewall (Hardware in router or software on the PC) still preventing connection or you didnt properly forward the ports. Read here for the latter

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    My antivirus has been disabled.I had also made an exclusion for ports and for the ts server in firewall.The ports are set perfectly but even through my friend's cannot connect


    Still my problem is unsolved please help me with this
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    Please make sure , that port 9987 is opened as udp only and not tcp or tcp/udp.
    And ceck your ip, maybe it was changed.
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