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    Ts 3 overlay plugin 3.5.6

    I have until recently being using the overlay on Star Trek Online, however it has stopped appearing.

    When I check the logs it shows it was working, then stopped, I have attempted to install and reinstall both the TS client and the overlay itself, going so far as to remove the TSoverlay folder from >AppData>Roaming>ts3overlay.

    When i start STO, nothing happens, when i for example start Gom player, it created the logs folder with the GOM player log inside, but nothing from STO.

    It did work, continues to work for my clan on TS, but something somewhere is stopping it from being picked up by TS now.

    Any advice on how to manually add a profile or get the overlay to recognize the STO exe now?

    Is it possible a registry entry is now broken?

    thanks in advance.

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    You could try to delete the overlay config and test it again.
    But this sounds like that you start the game with admin rights and the overlay isn't able to recognize the game as running.

    Anyway give it a try... Close ts and your game and then go to > "%appdata%/ts3overlay" > and delete the "config_user.ini".

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