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    Hosting different UDP port, and hosting on 2 ports for same virtual server?

    Hey everyone!

    My workplace has a firewall that does not work well with the default ports configured on my teamspeak server.

    My issue is now, is there any way to have 2 ports working intermittently for the same virtual server (not 2 seperate)? Perhaps it'd be possible to have 1 port per virtual server, and have one virtual server redirect the user to the other one like a HTML redirect?

    I would be very thankful for any suggestive ideas. My two most important goals is that I want to preserve the users already connecting to my teamspeak server (I don't want them to have to specify a custom port), and I also want to be able to connect to my server from work. Proxies are fine too, but I simply would not know how to configure a proxy to go through my server computer with teamspeak..?

    Edit: I also heard rumors that Teamspeak 3 will support using TCP protocol and no UDP at all for people with firewall issues. Last time I posted about this same issue but less elaborately, noone gave me a reply.

    Thank you all in advance.
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    If using TSDNS or DNS SRV Records to get rid of the need to specify a port which would enable you to move the server to another port. It would require everyone to change their Bookmarks once but after that you could change the port whenever you want without anyone to change their Bookmark.

    Personally I don't think TCP for voice comm is not going to happen anytime soon.

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