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    Exclamation Specific Server Group Channel Join Allowment.

    Hello guys,

    I'm the Head Administrator of my clan iQon, and i take care of our Teamspeak 3.
    I have a suggestion to only allow certain Server Groups to a channel.

    You have server groups for all kinds of games in your clan.
    Diablo III, League of Legends, CS:Source etc etc...

    When you make a channel you can only set joinpower to join the channel.
    I can put joinpower for the Diablo III server group on 60, League of Legends on 61 and CS:Source on 62.
    And the channels: Diablo III, needed power of 60. League of Legends needed power of 61 and CS:Source 62.
    So a Diablo III member cannot join the League of Legends channel or the CS:Source channel.

    But a member with the CS:Source servergroup can join ALL Channels.
    I think teamspeak will be much better with my idea:

    To have in the: EDIT CHANNEL option an extra tab with: Allow or something like that.

    Example: the Diablo III channel.
    Only allow: Diablo III Server Group. all other server groups are not allowed to join this channel now. no joinpower needed. just allowed server groups.
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    Hope this will be readed.


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    I think this is a nice idea but...have you tried using channel passwords?

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    Yes i have, but channel passwords are unhandy and old.
    When you mistype the password or it has been changed by another user you are unable to join your channel.

    When you are not allowed to join the channel just give the error message:
    You are not allowed to join this channel. (failed on i_channel_needed_allow_join_power) or something like that

    And please make this a strong permission.
    There are some bugs with join power on channels


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    Yet another one trying to use Servergroups for everything as if there were no other things...

    This has been requested lots of times already and won't be added as all the other ones were rejected.

    Servergroups grant Permissions on the entire Server (hence the name). Channelgroups grant permissions on a that Channel where a client has the channelgroup only.

    For the kind of stuff you want you need to use channelgroups...
    There are multiple Posts (by me and others too) that explain how to setup the stuff you want.
    All it takes is a single channelgroup which will receive the join power (eg. 30). All the channels you want only specific people to enter get the needed join power of 30. Everyone who should be allowed to enter the channel get that channelgroup on the channels they should be able to join.

    Next time please use the search first...

    Also I am unaware of any bugs related to join power and channels.. care to elaborate?

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    Ok thanks.
    Will try this tomorrow

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