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    Solved Sound profile instead of soundpack in bookmarks

    It would be nice, if we can use sound profiles instead of soudpacks in the bookmark settings.

    Actualy we can decide which soundfile is played on a special server. But the events when the sound is played are all the same (depending on the notificaton settings).
    Better if we have a profile section in the notification settings (like identity, capture, playback and hotkey) so we can set a specific setting (join, leave, ect) to a profile and assign this profile to a specific server.

    Example: Iam connected to 2 different server. One of them is very busy; every minute someone is joining and leaving and so one. The other one is a not that full; every half hour a user is joining.
    Actualy i get informed every minute a user joins one of this servers (we all know this is more than nasty). Sure i can switch off the join event, but then iam not aware the join on the second server!
    If i can set a profile with joins enabled and one with joins are off i can assign the off profile to the busy server and the other profile the server who i want to know i a user joins.
    (hopefully clear enough )

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    This won't won't be added, but you could use a clone of your current soundpack and use 2 different setting for your servers.
    This is already possible, because the notification settings are stored per soundpack and not global for all.

    I use such a setting as an example during the support time. I use a clone of the normal soundpack with Request talk power enabled only.
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    aaaaaarrrglll ....

    dont know that ... it works ... thx
    (but in fact its the same as requestet - just another way )

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