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    ToDo List 3.0.8 ignores Channel Parameter of ts3server Link

    When clicking a ts3server Link which includes a target Channel (through channel Parameter) the Channel gets ignored on Client 3.0.8.
    Working fine with 3.0.7

    In Addition if there is a Bookmark present for the Server to connect to the Client will take the Information from the existing Bookmark (which is just fine and a good thing since it means to correct Identity will be used instead of the default one) but it will also take the Default Channel from the Bookmark instead of overriding it with the one from the Link. Since I assume it is related to the whole Parameter being ignored I will just mention this here instead of making a new Bug for this.

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    We can reporoduce bug 1 and a ticket was created.

    ------Report 2
    This won't be fixed, the client does always search for the channelid and won't connect to the channel name, when the id is not 0
    /Edit end

    The second behavior is no bug and known.

    The problem is, that the bookmark entry delievers a channel id and the client won't use the name of your chnanel, when that channel id does not match. The idea behind that fature was, that a channel name can be changed hundred times, but will be foudn with it' id.

    The id has an higher priority at this moment. A ticket for this already exists, but thank you for your investigation
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