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    Solved cant set mouse button 3 (scroller) as hot key

    hi, i recently got a new keyboard and installed it, and now team speak 3 isn't letting me set my scroller button as my push to talk key. it used to work fine as mouse 3. i know how to set push to talk buttons, but when i go and try to add it nothing happens. i can set mouse 1 and 2 buttons but not my scroller (mouse 3).
    i also can no longer use my 3rd mouse button as push to talk for any other chatting programs.

    also i checked my driver for my mouse and its up to date, and the scroller DOES work for scrolling on websites and such, ts3 just wont let me set it as a push to talk button.

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    Try clicking with Mouse 3 on a channel name for example does that do anything?

    I had it happen to me before that while mouse 3 works in general (like scrolling) the click Feature of Mouse 3 didn't work anymore. Turned out to be a hardware malfunction and I had to get a new one.

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    i don't know what u mean by "try clicking on a channel name" but when i am on websites and such i can click the mouse 3 button and the scrolling icon will pop up, and then all u need to do is move the mouse up and down to scroll, so i do think the actual button is working.

    everything was working perfectly fine 3 days ago, and the mouse button 3 was my push to talk key. but like i said then i got a new keyboard and after i installed that this problem arose. but i still have the driver for my mouse installed and i checked its version and it says its updated.

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    lol wow, after a long time of checking all my little settings with my mouse and keyboard i finally found the problem.

    since i got a new keyboard and installed it, it also changed how my computer controls my mouse and how its buttons work, which is stupid...

    but i finally found where i can set each button to do specific functions and i had to change my mouse 3 button from the default "scroll only" to also work as a "mouse button". now i can use it as a button for a hot key in ts3 and other chatting programs.

    thanks for the suggestions and such lol, its solved now

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