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    Teamspeak Multipule server connections

    Hi I am wondering if there is a way to be on 2 diffrent servers and have both of them on a diffrent mic key like say im on one tramspeak and at the same time on another (both that I visit often) if there is a way that i can make my mic key seperate for each like the first one being the right-crtl key and the other being the right-alt key? If there is a way to do that or a plugin that can help please tell me

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    You can use and enable your microphone on one server only at the same time.

    Optionial: Create an Hotkey to switch the server tab and enable Activate microphone automati... under Settings > Options > Application

    You can use a second hotkey profile for server 2 and setup, the same Key for Push-To-Talk.
    You have to add some hotkeys called "Activate Microphone (current Tab)" To activate it on the current Tab and another hotkey to select the server tab first.
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