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    [Request] Looking for, TS3 music bot maker

    "Heads up for all"
    ( I looked and did not see a better place to posts this and this seemed like that place to put it, If it needs moved please do so)

    I am looking for someone to make Team Speak 3 Bot that can and will steam Music, Like Pandora, iTunes, YouTube, Other. However, I want people to be able to tell the bot to skip the song, (for Pandora, Thumb-up/Thumb-down), things like that. It would be nice if this Bot could be run from a Linux server, and controlled though a Web-interface. For the Linux server one to work, I think it would need to be more like a, rebroadcasting then anything and just give it a web-site with songs that play and have it send the music to the TS3 channel. If it was on a Windows/Mac PC then it could use iTunes/VLC/Other, to send the music to the channel. If anyone it up for making this or knows anyone please let them and me know. I am will to help out with this task and host it as well.

    I know there is a Music-Bot for Ts3 right now that does do this, however I have never gotten it to work and others have tried to with no luck. Also, from what I understand that this bot is out of date and will not work TS3 anymore, and I have not seen a Up-date for some time.
    (, Out of Date)
    (, 32Bit Only)

    Thanks for reading and let me know if you can help out, even if it is only in a small way, anything helps out.


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    hi tsx bot will be released this year. we will cover this and a lot more features. just google for tsxbot or gues the webpage I can't post it here cause the admins will remove the link. the bot is 80 % done and will support a plugin system.

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    Hey just an fyi. I have been running a Music bot in my Teamspeak using the Stezz plugin for over half a year.

    In the main topic i even had a little explanation.

    Clearly an updated music bot would be very much appreciated although Id think joint efforts is a better idea as pooling ideas and resources can be wise.

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