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    TeamSpeak 3 Overlay plugin - not working (Windows XP)

    My overlay worked well with ver. 3.0.1. Three weeks ago I reinstalled Windows on my computer. And then I noticed that my new TeamSpeak 3 Overlay plugin was no longer aviable in Shaiya game. I have TS3 ver. and TeamSpeak 3 Overlay plugin ver. 3.6.2. I tried to deactivate and reactivate or reinstall TS, but nothing changed. I installed old version of TS (3.0.1) which I had before, but the overlay didnt work.

    My graphic card is up-to-date.

    I have an GeForce 6600 GT graphic card, AMD Athhlon 64 3000+ CPU and using Windows XP Sp3 Pro.

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    Do you find a logfile name like your game inside your "%appdata%/ts3overlay" logs folder?
    If so please send it to me as a pm

    btw: Are you starting the game as admin ?

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