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    Question Unable to Override Phonetic Nickname in "Edit in Contacts"

    To be quite frank, I think some of the people who use the TS3 gaming server I am on with my Guild are still in their mother's basement when they choose their custom phonetic nicknames. This wasn;t an issue before, as I could always just override their phonetic nickname by editing in one of my own for them in my contacts list. However, this is no longer functioning and, since my search of Google, as well as this forum, yielded that no one else is experiencing this issue, I am hoping that a dev or a geek can help me resolve this by fixing whatever I did wrong (it HAS to be user error or there'd be tons of posts here).

    Steps I have taken to assure troubleshooting thus far:

    1. Settings-->Options-->Notifications - Assured that "Default text to Speech" is activated.
    2. Tools-->Contacts - Assured that the contact was edited. I noticed there are TWO boxes - one for phonetic nickname and one for custom nickname. Just to be sure on both, I manually changed both to a normal name instead of the ridiculous name the use has saved.

    I am unsure what else to try. My next step is to completely uninstall and wipe TS3 from my system and start all over, but I do not wish to do this unless I absolutely have to. if there is a simpler way, such as nuking an individual (possibly corrupt?) settings file for the phonetics and reinstalling it, I am comfortable enough with file editing to do so.

    I appreciate any assistance. I know this is hard to troubleshoot since it is not a known issue nor has anyopne else encountered it, but I still thank anyone in advance for any leads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faelandaea View Post
    [*]Settings-->Options-->Notifications - Assured that "Default text to Speech" is activated.
    You don't indicate your client TS3 version but

    I think this selection have to be done in the bookmarks entry for the server connection you want to apply it.

    Bookmarks --> Manage Bookmarks --> Select the server connection --> Button 'More' --> Select 'Default text to speech' from the "Sound pack" combobox.

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