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    Solved [Suggestion] Subscribe power not effect full channel indicator

    Currently if you lack enough subscribe power to see people in there it also will not inform you that the room is filled to capacity by changing the channels left hand side icon red.

    The ability to see who is in the channel is different from knowing if it is full or not. I want to be able to have the "filled to capacity" red icon show up when someone is in a room that someone cannot see into because that way my members can know there are people on the server even if they do not know who is inside. I have it all set up to where it would do that (i thought) but until I was told "Nope room looks empty to me and theres nothing red anywhere..." it confused me because I had tested it by bringing an ID into the channel and watching it turn red. I assumed it would work like that even without subscribe power because as I said at the start they are different things.

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    It does work if the Max Clients is zero. Such Channels will always show red.
    People will be able to tell anyway whether there are people online or not. Just take a look at the infoframe when clicking the servername will reveal the info. If it says Clients online 1/x I know I'm alone otherwise someone must be hiding somewhere...

    Since the Client doesn't know if there is someone in said Channel (as it is not subscribed) it won't know whether the channel is full or not.

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    I don't want it red all the time, that is the point. I set it to maximum of 1 person and put on the channel bypass size limit so that members who do not have permission to get into certain rooms can know when there are people in there because the icon is red. I think this should be changed or made as an additive permission.

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    As said above, the client does not know, that there are users in it. And this information is not given, as long you can not see the users in there.

    For you the channel is full.

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