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    How to host a teamspeak 3 server on my computer ?

    Hello there guys, ive been wondering if i could host a teamspeak server on my own computer? i mean that my computer turns into a server same time its a computer, is that possible? if it is, how could i do so it works like a server?

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    There are numerous Guides present in the Internet. Use the Search / Google next time.
    - Download the Server from
    - Extract the Archive to the desired Location
    - Run the ts3server Executable
    - Forward UDP Port 9987 in your Router (See google)
    - Give your Friends your Public IP
    - Connect to your TS3 Server
    - Enter the Privilege Key displayed in the Server Popup in the Window that pops up
    - Create Channels.
    - Have fun

    The TS3 Server will only work as long as it is running, so if you turn it off or turn your PC off it will no longer work (should be obvious but one never knows).

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