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    Solved [Client version] Invitation links not working properly

    Client version: (Windows 7 Home Premium x64)
    Server version: (Debian 6, x86, Linux)

    Invitation links aren't working as they should. They do allow me to join to any server and land in its default channel but when in the link there's specified exact channel to join it fails. It moves me only to default channel for my server.
    It's not working with http and ts3server redirect links, I'm creating those using "invite buddy" built-in teamspeak 3 function.
    Below are examples of links I'm using:
    I hope this bugreport is "sophisticated" enough. (:

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    Note to the official forum support: maybe this issue is somehow connected to

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxi1990 View Post
    Note to the official forum support: maybe this issue is somehow connected to
    This is the latest server already and has nothign to do with that thread

    This is a known bug and currently you only connect to the target channel, when a bookmark without a default channel exits for that user.

    This will be fixed with client 3.0.9
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