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    Bandwidth info under Server Connection Info freezes

    "Bandwidth last second" and "Bandwidth last minute" stop updating when the TS3 server has been running for some time. I do not know exactly what triggers it to stop updating but it is either after a certain amount of up-time or bytes transferred. My best guess is that an overflow of some sort is occurring somewhere. Restarting the client does not fix this issue so it is probably a server side bug.

    For example my current bandwidth data fields show:
    Bandwidth last second 856 Bytes/s 615 Bytes/s
    Bandwidth last minute 618 Bytes/s 577 Bytes/s

    These values are not updating at all and I know for sure they are incorrect because I am currently transmitting at least about 7 KB/s myself.
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    We miss some information here.

    What server version is running and how long is your server running?
    Is there something in your server logs? An error or warning or something else?

    Please make sure your server is up-to date (

    Does it appear again, when you restart your server?
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    I'm currently running 3.0.5 still, but this bug has been there for quite a few versions already, so I doubt it has been solved in the new version since there hasn't been a bug report about this issue yet nor does the change log mention anything. The server has currently been running for 94 days, total data transferred is about 30gb. The server logs do not contain any information regarding this.

    I will update this night and I will keep an eye on it again. If the problem re-occurs I will inform you here, however, since the problem only starts occurring after some time, that might take a while.

    Edit: Restarting the server fixes the problem for a while of course, because it resets the up-time and data transferred. This is why I concluded the roots of this problem probably lie with calculations done on these values.

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    There is no known bug in any server version, with a frozen connection information dialog. The was only a problem with files bigger than 4GB.
    Is that on linux?

    Ok first try to update your server and the nmake sure, that there is no script or plugin etc running, that does change you time on your root server.
    Or when a game server is running with modified Frames per second.

    This can cause problems sometimes.

    >>>>I have no clue why this happens on your server. Can anyone else reproduce this too?
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    Nope never saw this Issue, but then again my Server usually never reaches 90+ Days uptime since it will get updated with the latest available Version once available.

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