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    Question Teamspeak ClientUI Cache issues effecting Avatars and Icons

    I have been having issues with users being able to upload and download icons and avatars. I have always thought it was a problem with the server settings even though the error locates to ClientUI...

    What i discovered is that if teamspeak runs in Administrator Mode (Not a good solution) then these things work. Upon checking the client (Windows version 7/30/2012 [qt version 4.7.2]) i found I could fix this issue by navigating to the teamspeak directory cache (c:\Program Files\Teamspeak\Config\Cache) and allowing users "full control" of the cache folder (recursive.)

    It seems that for the past few months I have been frustrated with the server and firewall settings about avatars, icons, files and what not when the problem has been with the client.

    Has anyone else encountered this?

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    You should install the client config files under your user path, you get informed during the client installation about that.
    This is one reason, why such a problem can appear.

    The cache is a good feature and stopps downloading the files again and again and again.
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    When I run the installer, it gives me two options.
    Everyone using this computer: C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client

    Just for me: C:\Users\Wayne Wolder\AppData\Local\TeamSpeak 3 Client

    Because I use multiple accounts, I choose the first option. This should still not pose a problem and should be a consideration when patching the next update. All of the users of the Teamspeak I host have configuration option 1, and all of them sort out the problem by allowing logs and cache to be Users:full control. We all hope to see this resolved in the next patch.

    BTW, until two or three patches back, there were no issues with this.

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    The client ask where to install the program and on page 4 it asks you , where the configuration should be saved and you get warned, when you choose the folder of the current installation.

    I do not see a need, to change the current cache system.

    Do not save the config in your program folder, when your current Windows user does not have access to these folder.
    We can not give more hints, when even these warnings get ignored :-/
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