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    Solved Ts Viewer shows not all User

    Hi, i had setup a TS3 Server with different Channels and different permission to join that Channels
    For example , there is one "Public" Channel, which you will need 0 permission power to join and
    then theres one Channel for registered User which need the Join Power of 50.
    This all works fine, now the problem: The TS viewer on my HP shows all Channels of the TS Server, but only the Users in
    the Channel which needs 0 permission Power are showing up in the TS viewer. The users in the Channels which need more permission power are not shown in the viewer. If i change the permission power from such a channel to 0 , the users are shown in the viewer. Is there a setting that people or viewer can see all User, no matter if they only have 0 permission Power? Sorry for my bad english.

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    If the Viewer can not subscribe to the Channel it cannot see the Users in such a Channel and hence will think it's empty.
    You need to allow any regular Client to see the Clients in those Channels (i_channel_needed_subscribe_power 0).

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    Thanks a lot, now it works...perfect

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