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    Leading Multiple Raids - How To?

    So with guild wars 2 , our raid leaders need to be in multiple team speaks to lead multiple guilds in alliances.

    1) What is the best way to have a single user talk and listen to multiple servers at the same time?

    2) Guild Wars 2 doesnt have raid frames. We have six channels, and we need members to be in those six channels to define their groups. We need an officer to be able to listen and talk to all 6 channels.

    whats the best way to do this?

    Thanks much!
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    I would suggest for the officers to create a global whisper groups so no matter what channel they are in they can communicate to everyone else.

    Normal members might have to try to create a whisper with the same keystroke (assuming push to talk) as their normal talk button, with the officers in the server in that whisper group.

    Remember thought, when people in 6 channels are talking, the officers will hear it all, and will be very difficult for them to know who is talking unless they recognize the voice or see the TS channel light, but you will potentially have them trying to listen to a minimum of 6 people talking at the same time.

    Might be other ways, but this is the simplest one that pops to mind.


    You can obviously be in mutiple servers, and you can hear chat from the channel you are in on each server. Only the active server will hear you talk though (the server your mic is un-muted). But you will still have an issue knowing who is talking from what server.


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