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    Main channel password and Subchannels


    I have a problem configuring our teamspeak.
    We host multiple guilds, each on a different "main" channel. Then each guild has multiple subchannel.

    So it goes like this:

    Default channel
    Main chan Guild 1
    - Subchan a1
    - Subchan b1
    Main chan Guild 2
    - Subchan a2
    - etc.

    What we want is for people to use the main channel password to get into the guild channel, and to then be able to switch to subchannels of the guild as they want, without having to type again and again the password each time they want to switch to a subchannel.

    Is it possible to do that ?
    I've tried to look for the permission and power systems, but as I've never used those before, I'm not quite sure what to do.

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    For each Channel they have to enter the Password once, then they won't have to enter it again for the current Session. If they reconnect they will have to enter the passwords again unless they choose to save them in their client Settings.

    Better (and easier?) to use the permission System in combination with one (or more) Channelgroup(s). There are several Examples / similar Question in the forums. Try searching for them.

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    Once a user has typed in a password for a channel they can choose to save it (Options -> Security -> Save Channel Passwords)

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