I've got this bug for a while now and I'm just sick of it now.
Due to having 24h disconnects by the ISP in germany Teamspeak seems to give off an problem with re-connecting.

I've got 2 Tabs always open, one with the "Default" Server of my Teamspeak server instance and one with another one of the same instance.
What happens is that when the internet connection gets reset by the ISP (or the router in my case to let it happen on a specific time) one of these tabs (could be both, can't remember tough) seems to lose the ability to connect to a server, because when I try to replace the server inside the tab via bookmark it'll just fail to connect too. If I now close the tab and make a new one via bookmarks it's connecting again.

The fact that I use my own DNS Server + OpenDNS shouldn't affect that, but I wanted to mention it anyways just to be sure.

This bug basically makes me close Teamspeak until I really need it instead of being able to idle on the server's and for example react to new chat messages. (if someone's having a problem).

Oh yeah and I'm using TSDNS (according to that should Teamspeak still connect to the main one if it can't resolve his own DNS):

<main DNS>=<IP>:$PORT
<DNS for the second server>=<IP>:9988
I'm using Win7 x64 Ultimate, if you need any other information's let me know